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Who Managers your Website? The fact is that most businesses do not regularly perform even basic maintenance on their website. Many assume that everything is being taken care of by their web developer or host. This is usually not the case and unless you have your own webmaster, it is highly unlikely that anyone is attending to all required maintenance including critical security updates. THE TOP CAUSE OF WEBSITES BREAKING, GETTING HACKED OR COMPROMISED IS FAILURE OF MAINTENANCE and who checks your backups? Even if someone was attending to the basic maintenance, few take the time to check the backups. Research from Avast found that 60% of backups are incomplete and even more concerning is that 50% of restores fail. Our own experience when assisting businesses in restoring their websites supports these findings. Malware, hackers, natural disasters and hardware failure can all destroy your website in a few seconds. Without ensuring you have reliable backups and a disaster recovery plan you are virtually playing Russian roulette with your business.

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